Jiannan Zhao

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China's Chang'E-3 (CE-3) spacecraft touched down on the northern Mare Imbrium of the lunar nearside (340.49°E, 44.12°N), a region not directly sampled before. We report preliminary results with data from the CE-3 lander descent camera and from the Yutu rover's camera and penetrating radar. After the landing at a young 450-meter crater rim, the Yutu rover(More)
Competitive endogenous RNAs (ceRNAs) act as molecular sponges for microRNAs (miRNAs), and are associated with tumorigenesis in various cancers, including laryngeal cancer (LC). In this work, we constructed an LC-specific inflammatory gene-related ceRNA network (IceNet). In IceNet, ceRNAs targeting inflammation-related genes tended to be network hubs.(More)
An efficient asymmetric aza-Henry reaction of isatin-derived ketimines has been achieved by using a chiral guanidine-amide organocatalyst. A series of 3-substituted 3-amino-2-oxindoles was obtained with excellent results (up to 99% yield, 94% ee). Other functionalized derivatives were also conveniently transformed. This metal-free system was convenient,(More)
The first catalytic asymmetric hetero-Diels-Alder reaction of Brassard's dienes with isatins was realized using Mg(II)/N,N'-dioxide complexes as catalysts, affording the corresponding chiral spirolactones bearing tetrasubstituted centers in up to 99% yield with up to 99% ee and >99 : 1 dr within 3 hours. In the mechanism, based on the operando IR(More)
An asymmetric synthesis of cyclic sulfamates by catalytic haloaminocyclization of primary sulfamate ester derivatives is described. The remarkable reversal of diastereoselectivity was found to be dependent on the halogen source and the chiral catalyst. By using privileged complexes of N,N'-dioxides with Sc(OTf)3 or Lu(OTf)3 as the catalyst, a variety of(More)
A highly enantioselective Mannich reaction of silyl ketene imines with isatin-derived ketimines has been realized by using a chiral N,N'-dioxide/Zn(II) catalyst. A variety of β-amino nitriles containing congested vicinal tetrasubstituted stereocenters were obtained with excellent outcomes (up to 98 % yield, >19:1 d.r. and 99 % ee). Based on the experimental(More)