Jiannan Zhai

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Networking concepts have been in use for centuries. The human body is a network of organs that must coordinate to survive. The postal service is an example of a network that connects individuals world-wide. It is only natural that networks play an important role in computing --- from networks of sensors collecting and recording data, to social networks, to(More)
Computational thinking represents a collection of structured problem solving skills that cross-cut educational disciplines. There is significant future value in introducing these skills as early as practical in students' academic careers. Over the past three years, we have developed, piloted, and evaluated a series of K-12 outreach modules designed to(More)
Network simulation is an important tool for testing and evaluating wireless sensor network applications. Parallel simulation strategies improve the scalability of these tools. However, achieving high performance depends on reducing the synchronization overhead among simulation processes. In this paper, we present an optimistic simulation algorithm with(More)
Grey theory is one of the most common methods for solving uncertain problems using limited data and poor information, due to its high performance in time series prediction. However, the inappropriate background value and initial value are the main factors affecting prediction accuracy of the Grey Model GM(1,1). An improved grey model based on particle swarm(More)
Water is an essential resource, playing a vital role in almost all human activities. Water is also a scarce resource. Population growth, industrialization, and climate change pose significant threats, necessitating on real-time monitoring of water resources. Recent developments in wireless sensor networks have made such monitoring possible, but the networks(More)