Jiann Shing Shieh

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OBJECTIVES To predict the nutrition and health status of staff and students in Yuan Ze University and select the influential variables from the total body composition variables, which should have similar predictive ability with the whole factors. DESIGN Spontaneous and voluntary physical examination. SETTING Sanitary and Health Care Section of Yuan Ze(More)
Emotion influences human health significantly. Because of the improvement of wearable device, daily electrocardiogram (ECG) detection became accessible. In this pilot study, we presented a weightless and wearable ECG device to collect ECG signal. Movie clips method has been designed to induce 4 kinds of emotion states. 90 sec corresponding ECG signal have(More)
Fall events are the external causes of injury in the elderly adults, even leading to disability and death. In this study, we used a weightless and wearable device with built-in tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope to record 8 types of stimulated-falls and 6 types of different activities of daily living (ADL) preformed by 6 health young subjects. A(More)
A mammal’s body can be seen as a blood vessel with complex tunnels. When heart pumps blood periodically, blood runs through blood vessels and rebounds from walls of blood vessels. Blood pressure signals can be measured with complex but periodic patterns. When an artery is clamped during a surgical operation, the spectrum of blood pressure signals will be(More)
A computer screen-based simulator has been developed to simulate the administration of intravenous and analgesic drugs. It merges on-line measurements (such as systolic arterial pressure (SAP) and heart rate (HR)) and nonnumerical clinical signs (such as sweating, lacrimation and pupil response), using anaesthetists’ experience or self-organizing fuzzy(More)
Cardiac baroreflex function may be assessed from spontaneous fluctuation of systolic arterial pressure (SAP) and R-R interval. In previous studies, time-domain sequence and cross-spectral analysis had been applied to present the baroreflex response of cardiac system. Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is also a promising algorithm to evaluate the(More)
In this paper, an automatic detecting algorithm for QRS complex detecting was applied for analyzing ECG recordings and five criteria for dangerous arrhythmia diagnosing are applied for a protocol type of automatic arrhythmia diagnosing system. The automatic detecting algorithm applied in this paper detected the distribution of QRS complexes in ECG(More)
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