Jiann-Min Yang

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Technology acceptance model plays a signified issue in the information systems field since this theory was introduced by Davis in 1989. This paper investigates the features of technology acceptance model literature based on bibliometric method. By searching the ISI Web of knowledge database under the keyword of " technology acceptance model, " 689 articles(More)
This paper is mainly focusing on the literatures productivity review which subjects as renowned "Management of Technology" on SSCI database. The result indicated that the literature productions is titling as "Management of Technology" are still increasing tremendously. The distribution of frequency indexes of author productivity is suitable for Lotka's Law.(More)
As the improvement of computing power, texting mining becomes more focused than before. In order to realize the literature productivity of such territory, we analyze the literatures on SSCI database with subjects as " Text Mining ". Applied the methodology of bibliometrics, we found several outcomes in this research. First, the distribution of frequency(More)
With technological advancements and constant changes of Internet, cloud computing has been today's trend. With the lower cost and convenience of cloud computing services, users have increasingly put their Web resources and information in the cloud environment. The availability and reliability of the client systems will become increasingly important. Today(More)
The objective of this paper is mainly focusing on the historical review of international periodicals and literatures which topics as great renown of "Ontology" on SSCI database from 1956 to 2008. The result indicated that the literature productions related to ontology topic are still growing. The frequency indexes of author productivity distribution didn't(More)