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W eb information integration differs from database information integration because of the Web's nature, where data is in interlinked, heterogeneous Web pages rather than tables or objects with a clearly defined schema. Building wrappers for relational databases is relatively easy because the defined structure lets other programs directly access the data.(More)
A variety of biological data is transferred and exchanged in overwhelming volumes on the World Wide Web. How to rapidly capture, utilize and integrate the information on the Internet to discover valuable biological knowledge is one of the most critical issues in bioinformatics. Many information integration systems have been proposed for integrating(More)
In this paper, we presented a tool to exploit online Web data sources using reconfigurable Web wrapper agents. We described how these agents can be rapidly generated and executed based on the script language WNDL and extraction rule generator IEPAD. WNDL is an XML-based language that provides a representation of a Web browsing session. A WNDL script(More)
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