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Key factors contributing to the high attrition rate for computer science students include loss of interest in material and lack of practice. In order to better engage students and improve retention rate, we have developed a novel teaching and learning platform in the Second Life to immerse and engage students in the same way that today's best video games(More)
Ontology has been proposed to resolve the issues of semantic heterogeneity in data interoperability and data sharing among heterogeneous systems because it provides an effective approach to represent the knowledge about data of a specific domain and has been applied in many fields, such as Semantic Web, e-commerce and information retrieval, etc. However,(More)
This paper proposes a Rooted Direct Acyclic Graph (RDAG) represented internal folder organization which supplements the architectural deficiencies of the existing user folder organization, to electronically model a person’s filing system in the modern working environment. An internal folder organization gives a logical representation of how(More)
In comparison with the internal representation of a personal filing systems, which is operational more efficient, the filing organization as presented to the users has its simplicity because it maintains only a single type of link. Therefore, the implementation of the system can have two models which represent the folder organization at two different(More)
The revolution information technology embodies the traditional Internet applications to be held electronically and in a freely and virtually networked environment. Majority of mobile application systems for instant, are constructed based on a three-layer-architecture on the server side, in contrast, we only need a browser or some program execution-enabled(More)
The Taiwanese IT companies started to emerge and gain their world-wide market shares in recent years. Those companies started to make good profits a few years back but also attracted foreign technological companies' attention claiming for infringements of the patents owned by those companies. For some reasons (such as competitions), Taiwanese companies(More)
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