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This study proposes a method which can generate high quality inverse halftone images from halftone images. This method can be employed prior to any signal processing over a halftone image or the inverse halftoning used in JBIG2. The proposed method utilizes the least-mean-square (LMS) algorithm to establish a relationship between the current processing(More)
In neurosurgery, cranial incisions during craniotomy can be recovered by cranioplasty--a surgical operation using cranial implants to repair skull defects. However, surgeons often encounter difficulties when grafting prefabricated cranial plates into defective areas, since a perfect match to the cranial incision is difficult to achieve. Previous studies(More)
—In this paper, a novel lossless data hiding scheme is proposed to achieve the goals of hiding secret data into a VQ compressed image and lossless reconstruction of the original image. This scheme first uses neighboring and processed compression codes to generate sub-codebooks and then uses these sub-codebooks and encoding algorithm to perform encoding and(More)