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A novel cohort selection method, namely, successive cohort selection (SCS) is presented in this paper for text-independent speaker verification. The proposed method computes distance between two models directly and it selects new cohort member based on both the claimed speaker model and the existing cohort members. In addition to this new cohort selection(More)
OBJECTIVE Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting may result in fewer myocardial and vascular complications than on-pump. Although differences in aortic manipulations likely play a role, the systemic responses of endothelial progenitor cells to both types of operations have not been examined. We sought to examine endothelial progenitor cell characteristics(More)
Post-anthesis high temperature stress is a major concern for the winter wheat producing areas in east China, especially in Shandong province. Fourteen agronomic and physiological traits were studied in 58 Chinese wheat accessions under high-temperature conditions in 2012 and 2013. High temperature stress led to reduction in grain yield and other yield(More)
This paper reports the results of the SHREC'15 track: 3D Object Retrieval with Multimodal Views, which goal is to evaluate the performance of retrieval algorithms when multimodal views are employed for 3D object representation. In this task, a collection of 505 objects is generated and both the color images and the depth images are provided for each object.(More)
The algorithm proposed in this paper integrates the concepts of variable frame rate and discriminative analysis based on Tanimoto ratio to modify the conventional Viterbi algorithm, in such a way that the steady or stationary signal is compressed, while transitional or non-stationary signal is emphasized through the frame-by-frame searching process. The(More)