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In this paper, we present a uniform all-integer quantization for irregular LDPC decoder. The LLR values at the variable nodes and the check nodes are mapped to integer with their integer part of their value directly. Variable nodes are quantized to 6-bit integer and check nodes are quantized to 4-bit integer after the input channel messages are scaled up,(More)
Ca(2+) ions play crucial roles in mediating physiological and pathophysiological processes, yet Ca(2+) dynamics local to the Ca(2+) source, either from influx via calcium permeable ion channels on plasmic membrane or release from internal Ca(2+) stores, is difficult to delineate. Large-conductance calcium-activated K(+) (BK-type) channels, abundantly(More)
In many protocols, registration center (RC) is just responsible for users' and servers' registration, so a malicious server may cheat users to serve as another legal server. It's necessary to verify the legality of both users and servers with the help of a third trusted party such as RC. In 2012, Li et al. proposed a dynamic identity based authentication(More)
From the view point of users, security and efficiency are two main factors for any authentication scheme. It's particularly important in multi-server architecture authentication protocol, because users can login many servers with only one password and one identity. In practical cases, users usually choose the password that can be remembered easily(More)
We study many schemes based on dynamic ID for multi-server environment, especially Lee et al.'s. However, we find Lee et al.'s scheme still cannot resist Denial of Service (DoS) attack, insider attack. In addition, the user cannot select the server to login due to the design flaws. In this paper, we propose a new scheme to optimize Lee et al.'s scheme. The(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) can provide interconnection of things, which can promote the achievement of the remote human health monitoring. In this paper, a human health monitoring platform is designed and developed under the application framework of body sensor network of IoT. The platform can collect the physical information of user by constructing the human(More)
This paper proposes a LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Codes) encoder architecture for DMB-TH based on ASIP (Application Specific Instruction Set Processor). The encoding algorithm is first analyzed and optimized for the ASIP encode, And then the special instruction sets are extracted according to the optimized algorithm. The ASIP architecture uses main(More)
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