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Explaining the causes of infeasibility of Boolean formulas has practical applications in various fields. We are generally interested in a minimum explanation of infeasibility that excludes irrelevant information. A smallest-cardinality unsatisfiable subset, called a minimum unsatisfiable core, can provide a succinct explanation of infeasibility and is(More)
Microglia are thought to play a key role in the development and regeneration of the central nervous system although the mechanisms regulating their presence and activity are not fully understood. Substantial evidence suggests that members of the neurotrophin family such as nerve growth factor (NGF), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and(More)
In this paper an automated bathroom activity monitoring system based on acoustics is described. The system is designed to recognize and classify major activities occurring within a bathroom based on sound. Carefully designed HMM parameters using MFCC features are used for accurate and robust bathroom sound event classification. Experiments to validate the(More)
One of the most difficult jobs in designing communication and multimedia chips, is to design and verify complex complementary circuit pair (<i>E, E</i><sup>-1</sup>), in which circuit <i>E</i> transforms information into a format that is suitable for transmission and storage, while <i>E</i>'s complementary circuit <i>E</i><sup>-1</sup> recovers this(More)
Aneuploidy, frequently observed in premalignant lesions, disrupts gene dosage and contributes to neoplastic progression. Theodor Boveri hypothesized nearly 100 years ago that aneuploidy was due to an increase in centrosome number (multipolar mitoses) and the resultant abnormal segregation of chromosomes. We performed immunocytochemistry, quantitative(More)
—Complementary synthesis automatically synthesizes the decoder circuit E −1 of an encoder E. It determines the existence of E −1 by checking the parameterized complementary condition (P C). However, this algorithm will not halt if E −1 does not exist. To solve this problem, we propose a novel halting algorithm to check P C in two steps. First, we(More)