Jianmin Wang

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Purpose. To evaluate macular thickness, agreement, and intraclass repeatability in three optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices: the time domain (TD) Stratus OCT and two spectral domain (SD) OCTs, Spectralis and Cirrus SD-OCT, in eyes with macular edema secondary to diabetic retinopathy (DR) and retinal vein occlusion (VO). Methods. In a prospective(More)
A restriction on the wider use of image processing and analysis methods in many disciplines has been the need to analyse large numbers of images to provide the necessary statistical basis for comparison between one specimen and another. Many image processing and analysis routines such as image restoration, orientation analysis, objective segmentation for(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to investigate the relationship between macular sensitivity and thickness in eyes with uveitic macular edema (UME). DESIGN This study is a prospective observational case series. METHODS The setting for this study was clinical practice. The study included 59 (28 with UME, 31 without UME) eyes of 26 patients with uveitis and 19(More)
This paper describes the implementation of the temperature control system for sintering shaft furnace. In order to solve the problems caused by pure time-delay and non-linearity, an intelligent serial temperature control system is introduced in this paper, where the fuzzy controller is used in the main control loop and the fuzzy neural network PID(More)
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