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Image recognition belongs to the nonlinear classification problem, which has a certain difficulty in the process of image recognition. Image recognition based on optical wavelet and support vector machine is proposed in the paper. Optical wavelet is used to extract the features of images and support vector machine is used to create the image recognition(More)
In this paper, sensors, which are directly installed on the surface of the mill, are used to collect mill's signals by wireless. The frame of the system is introduced and the hardware and software is designed in details in this paper. With the transmission mode of I2S and MCU of AT89S2051, the transform from analog signals to digital signals , data's(More)
The life of battery power available time is a crucial character of the battery powered mobile device. In this paper, we investigate the performance issues of upper layer protocol, such as TCP, in IEEE 802.11 LAN's power saving mode. We discuss the tradeoff of energy saving, networking throughput and response time at the points of user experience. A novel(More)
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