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—Cloud computing is becoming popular. Building high-quality cloud applications is a critical research problem. QoS rankings provide valuable information for making optimal cloud service selection from a set of functionally equivalent service candidates. To obtain QoS values, real-world invocations on the service candidates are usually required. To avoid the(More)
Sina Micro-blog is the first micro-blogging service in China and is growing fast in recent two years. This paper first studies the characteristics of Sina online social network and then focuses on the problem of indentifying influential users. In a dataset prepared for this study, we find an approximate power-law follower distribution and a non-power-law(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have shown that androgen displays an inhibitory effect on breast cancer cell lines that express androgen receptor (AR) but not estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR). We have previously reported that approximately 1/3 of ER negative high grade invasive ductal carcinomas express AR. Thus, AR can serve as a potential(More)
Given ongoing developments in the digital television industry, the consumption habits of consumers are substantially influenced by advertisements, which become the main revenue source for TV broadcasters. Therefore, the effective deployment of advertisements is necessary. Digital television is a thriving sector and the number of channels continues to(More)
The expression of basal cytokeratin markers CK5/6 in breast carcinomas has been associated with high histological grade and poor clinical outcome. A previous study has shown that CK5/6 can be detected in up to 17% of invasive lobular carcinomas (ILC). Here we study the expression of three basal cytokeratin markers (CK5/6, CK14, and CK17) in 53 ILC cases(More)