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Cloud computing is becoming popular. Building high-quality cloud applications is a critical research problem. QoS rankings provide valuable information for making optimal cloud service selection from a set of functionally equivalent service candidates. To obtain QoS values, real-world invocations on the service candidates are usually required. To avoid the(More)
Sina Micro-blog is the first micro-blogging service in China and is growing fast in recent two years. This paper first studies the characteristics of Sina online social network and then focuses on the problem of indentifying influential users. In a dataset prepared for this study, we find an approximate power-law follower distribution and a non-power-law(More)
Along with the development of Web 2.0, Internet users are gradually evolving from passive recipients of content to content creators. Considering recent technological advances and improved service designs, television (TV) content and its interactive methods have drastically changed. Moreover, various information devices ranging from wide-screen TVs in the(More)
Microblog has been prevailing all over the world and there are more and more researches concentrating on uncovering the latent attributes of users. This is the first research aiming at distinguish between the organizational users and the personal users. In this poster, we restrict our attention solely to the verified users on Sina microblog, which is the(More)