Jianmin Ding

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Quite recently, Yang et al. presented an efficient three-party authenticated key exchange protocol based upon elliptic curve cryptography for mobile-commerce environments. In this paper, we demonstrate that Yang et al's three-party authenticated protocol is potentially vulnerable to an unknown key-share attack. Thereafter, we suggest a countermeasure to(More)
Recently we reported that gene codon composition determines differentiation-dependent expression of the PV L1 genes in mouse primary keratinocytes (KCs) in vitro and in vivo (Zhao et al. 2005, Mol. Cell Biol. 25:8643-8655). Here, we investigated whether generalized substitution of isoencoding codons affects the duration of expression of PV L1 genes in mouse(More)
The SLA auto-management technology is an emerging research field and it is important for the construction of next generation computing environment under the background of SOA and cloud computing. In this paper, we at first review 28 recent works focused on SLA management and analyze the requirements of SLA auto-management, and then we define a complete(More)
BACKGROUND Hereditary thrombocythemia is a rare disease characterized by increased megakaryopoiesis and overproduction of platelets. Germ line mutations have been identified in the genes for thrombopoietin (THPO) and its receptor, MPL. A clustering of familial cases with the MPL-G1073A mutation that results in a serine to asparagine substitution (S505N) has(More)
Recently, Abdalla and Pointcheval proposed an efficient three-party password-authenticated key exchange protocoland provided a proof of security in the Bellare, Pointcheval, and Rogaway (BPR2000) model. Despite the claim of provable security, the protocol was subsequently shown insecure in them presence of an active adversary by Kim-Kwang et al. But they(More)
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