Jianmei Shuai

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Static analysis is a kind of effective method to detect the vulnerabilities in the software. Without running the programs, static analysis tools can be used to automatically discover unknown bugs. To cope with the problem of high false positives and false negatives in source code static analysis methods, this paper presents a source code static analysis(More)
In order to detect, identity and hold up network attacks, a network intrusion detection system based on rough set theory and multiclass linear support vector machine (linear SVM) is in this article. The system makes the most of rough set theory and linear SVM to reduce the redundancies of data sets and improve the detection rate of IDS. The simulation(More)
Most of traditional antivirus systems fail to detect unknown malcodes or variants. Data mining method solves this problem as it classifies new malcodes by matching representative features. Feature selection is a key to apply data mining to successfully detect malcodes. In this paper, we propose a method, Weighted Information Gain (WIG), which can select(More)
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