Jianlu Zhang

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The all-vanadium redox fl ow battery is a promising technology for large-scale renewable and grid energy storage, but is limited by the low energy density and poor stability of the vanadium electrolyte solutions. A new vanadium redox fl ow battery with a signifi cant improvement over the current technology is reported in this paper. This battery uses(More)
Large-scale energy storage has become the main bottleneck for increasing the percentage of renewable energy in our electricity grids. Redox flow batteries are considered to be among the best options for electricity storage in the megawatt range and large demonstration systems have already been installed. Although the full technological potential of these(More)
Zn and the Art of Battery Development: A zinc/polyhalide redox flow battery employs Br(-) /ClBr(2-) and Zn/Zn(2+) redox couples in its positive and negative half-cells, respectively. The performance of the battery is evaluated by charge-discharge cycling tests and reveals a high energy efficiency of 81%, based on a Coulombic efficiency of 96% and voltage(More)
A compact 6-bit phase shifter with high power-handling capacity is designed based on the use of metamaterial, composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-TL). Eight PIN diodes mounted on the fingers of the CRLH-TL are used as switches to control the phase incursion of the input signal. Different phase shifts are achieved by using different states of(More)
This paper examines vanadium chloride solutions as electrolytes for an all-vanadium redox flow battery. The chloride solutions were capable of dissolving more than 2.3 M vanadium at varied valence states and remained stable at 0-50 °C. The improved stability appeared due to the formation of a vanadium dinuclear [V(2)O(3)·4H(2)O](4+) or a dinuclear-chloro(More)
This paper presents the design of ultra-wideband time-delay lines in microwave frequency inspired by the composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH TL) unit cell. A rotated version of the conventional CRLH TL unit cell is used to achieve an ultrawide bandwidth. For comparison, the time-delay lines using the conventional CRLH TL unit cells,(More)
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