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4"-O-isovaleryltransferase gene (ist) was regulated by positive regulatory genes of midecamycin 4"-O-propionyltransferase gene (mpt) in Streptomyces lividans TK24. A BamH I ~8.0 kb fragment from Streptomyces mycarofaciens 1748 was proved that it contained mpt gene and linked with two positive regulatory genes, orf27 and orf28. Orf of mpt was replaced by orf(More)
Bitespiramycin (BT), a multi-component antibiotic consisted mainly of 4″-isovalerylspiramycin I, II and III, is produced by Streptomyces spiramyceticus WSJ-1, a recombinant spiramycin-production strain that harbored the 4″-O-acyltransferase gene (ist) from Streptomyces mycarofaciens 1748, which could isovalerylate the 4″-OH of spiramycin. To eliminate the(More)
Spiramycin and midecamycin are 16-membered macrolide antibiotics with very similar chemical structures. Spiramycin has three components, namely spiramycin I, II and III. Spiramycin II and III are, respectively, the O-acetyl and propionyl derivatives at C3-hydroxyl group of spiramycin I. Midecamycin has four components, and the C3-hydroxyl group of(More)
Carbomycins are 16-membered macrolide antibiotics produced by Streptomyces thermotolerans ATCC 11416T. To characterize gene cluster responsible for carbomycin biosynthesis, the draft genome sequences for strain ATCC 11416T were obtained, from which the partial carbomycin biosynthetic gene cluster was identified. This gene cluster was approximately 40 kb in(More)
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