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A new approach for fabricating high frequency (>20 MHz) linear array transducers, based on laser micromachining, has been developed. A 30 MHz, 64-element, 74-mum pitch, linear array design is presented. The performance of the device is demonstrated by comparing electrical and acoustic measurements with analytical, equivalent circuit, and finite-element(More)
A single-element, 40 MHz, 3 mm diameter transducer was fabricated with a geometric focus at 9 mm. The transducer was based on a piezo-composite substrate with triangular-shaped composite pillars. The transducer produced pulses with a two-way bandwidth of 55 %. The bandwidth and impedance magnitude were in agreement with that predicted using finite element(More)
High frequency transducers/arrays made of piezo- composite materials have the advantages of lower acoustic impedances, which better match tissue and a flexibility that allows focusing without the use of an acoustic lens. However, developing a high-frequency piezo-composite material for such arrays is still a challenge due to the extremely small pillar(More)
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