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The C~mez diem'butts topers on ~s r~s~arch m working papers, monographs, and in mlmn~s of pub[d~ed m~icles ¯ I~ also pubhsh~s Access, a ma~ p~senang summaries of sclccte_,d studies. For a Iist of pabhcat~m in prim, wrim t~ t~e adc~ be~w. The c~nten~, ~tNs report reflect the views of the ae~h~, who are responsible for the fs~ ~nd the accuracy ~f the(More)
In the United States, federal funding for public transit often accounts for a large proportion of a local agency's budget, especially for capital investments. For this reason, local governments can be expected to plan a portfolio of projects that maximize federal contributions. This study examines the financial effects of federal transit subsidy policy on(More)
PATH – Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways – is a collaboration between the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the University of Califor-nia, other public and private academic institutions , and private industry. PATH's mission: applying advanced technology to increase highway capacity and safety, and to reduce traffic congestion,(More)
  • Xiaojia Gao, Jianling Li
  • 2010
The creation of innovative country, calls for innovative talents. Universities are the important positions of creative talents, and they have a wealth of education resources for creative professionals provides environment. However, there are some problems in the universities of creative talents, and it is difficult to adapt to the times and construction(More)
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