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With the development of information technology and computer science, high-capacity data appear in our lives. In order to help people analyzing and digging out useful information, the generation and application of data mining technology seem so significance. Clustering and decision tree are the mostly used methods of data mining. Clustering can be used for(More)
This paper presents an expanding products algorithm of logic optimization that is based on multi-input multi-output logic functions. According to input products, we work out complement sets matrix of non-shared products, blocking matrix, covering matrix. For blocking matrix and covering matrix, we get mini column cover sets and upgrade sets based on choice(More)
Unate logic functions is an especially case of logic functions. For logic functions optimization, it costs mor spaces and times, spending of memory is increase on two power by input variables. According by characteristic of unate logic functions, this paper introduces an algorithm of unate logic functions optimization and presents a method of algorithm(More)
WebRTC is an HTML5 API that allows browsers to establish a peer-to-peer connection for transferring data and media content via JavaScript APIs. This functionality enables broad range of new applications to emerge and is going to revolutionize Web communication. However, this technology is still under development and standardization process. Hence, detecting(More)