Jianliang Yi

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This paper formulates and illustrates the integration of resource safety verification into a design methodology for development of verified and robust real-time embedded systems. Resource-related concerns are not closely linked with current xUML model-based software development although they are critical for embedded systems. We describe how to integrate(More)
In a pure sensor network thousands of sensors are distributed over a large area. Sensor data is relayed from sensor node to node until it reaches the edge node, where it is then routed by wire to the host. In this paper we study the effect of data collection on the battery and buffer of a sensor node, and on the overall sensor network. We determine the(More)
Mission-critical cyber-physical systems must be resilient to all classes of failures, both hardware and software components. Failures affecting a systempsilas ability to accurately control its physical actions are of special concern, requiring a meta-level monitoring and reaction ability to enable high-performance nominal and safe post-failure operation.(More)
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