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On-demand broadcast is an effective wireless data dissemination technique to enhance system scalability and deal with dynamic user access patterns. With the rapid growth of time-critical information services in emerging applications, there is an increasing need for the system to support timely data dissemination. This paper investigates online scheduling(More)
Mobile location-dependent information services (LDISs) have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, data caching strategies for LDISs have thus far received little attention. In this paper, we study the issues of cache invalidation and cache replacement for location-dependent data under a geometric location model. We introduce a new(More)
Top-k monitoring is important to many wireless sensor applications. This paper exploits the semantics of top-k query and proposes an energy-efficient monitoring approach called FILA. The basic idea is to install a filter at each sensor node to suppress unnecessary sensor updates. Filter setting and query reevaluation upon updates are two fundamental issues(More)
This paper proposes a generic framework for monitoring continuous spatial queries over moving objects. The framework distinguishes itself from existing work by being the first to address the location update issue and to provide a common interface for monitoring mixed types of queries. Based on the notion of safe region, the client location update strategy(More)
Location-dependent information services (LDISs) answer queries in accordance with the locations the queries are associated with (e.g., the locations from which the queries are issued. The emergence of LDISs is resulted from the convergence of high-speed wireless networks, personal portable devices, and locatining techniques. LDISs have a variety of(More)
Query processing that preserves both the data privacy of the owner and the query privacy of the client is a new research problem. It shows increasing importance as cloud computing drives more businesses to outsource their data and querying services. However, most existing studies, including those on data outsourcing, address the data privacy and query(More)
Data caching at mobile clients is an important technique for improving the performance of wireless data dissemination systems. However, variable data sizes, data updates, limited client resources, and frequent client disconnections make cache management a challenge. We propose a gain-based cache replacement policy, Min-SAUD, for wireless data dissemination(More)
Wwtr1 is a widely expressed 14-3-3-binding protein that regulates the activity of several transcription factors involved in development and disease. To elucidate the physiological role of Wwtr1, we generated Wwtr1-/- mice by homologous recombination. Surprisingly, although Wwtr1 is known to regulate the activity of Cbfa1, a transcription factor important(More)
The existing query processing techniques for sensor networks rely on a network infrastructure for query propagation and data collection. However, such an infrastructure is very susceptible to network topology transients that widely exist in sensor networks. In this paper, we propose an infrastructure-free window query processing technique for sensor(More)