Jianjun Yang

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This study aimed to explore how tumor-associated fibroblasts (TAFs) promote the proliferation and angiogenesis of tumor cells via the paracrine mechanism in vitro. Conditioned media (CM) of ovarian TAFs and normal fibroblasts (NFs) were collected. Ovarian cancer cells (OCCs) were treated with 2 mL TAFs-CM and NFs-CM in experimental and control groups,(More)
The adsorption of water on a fully hydroxylated silica surface is studied by using density-functional total-energy and molecular dynamics calculations. The (100) surface of beta(alpha)-cristobalite covered by geminal hydroxyls has been taken as the substrate. A well-ordered and stable two-dimensional ice with quadrangular and octagonal patterns of hydrogen(More)
We present an ab initio investigation of water adsorption on ordered hydroxylated silica surfaces, using the density functional theory within the ultrasoft pseudopotentials and generalized-gradient approximation. The s100d and s111d surfaces of the hydroxylated cristobalite are used as substrates to adsorb water clusters and overlayers. Water adsorbs(More)
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