Jianjun Jiao

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In this paper, we propose two mathematical models concerning continuous and, respectively, impulsive pest control strategies. In the case in which a continuous control is used, it is shown that the model admits a globally asymptotically stable positive equilibrium under appropriate conditions which involve parameter estimations. As a result, the global(More)
This paper presents a novel constrained optimization algorithm named MAL-IGWO, which integrates the benefit of the improved grey wolf optimization (IGWO) capability for discovering the global optimum with the modified augmented Lagrangian (MAL) multiplier method to handle constraints. In the proposed MAL-IGWO algorithm, the MAL method effectively converts a(More)
In the natural world, there are many species whose individual members have a life history that they take them with two distinct stages: immaturity and maturity. In particular, we have in mind mammalian populations and some amphibious animals. We improve the assumption of a single population as a whole. It is assumed that the immature individuals and mature(More)