Jianjun Chu

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With the popularization of wireless mobile equipment, long distance education based on such equipment, e.g., PDAs, attracts increasing attention. However, two problems are: how to transform current Web pages to display correctly on PDA; how to deal with long distance discussions between PDA users and PC users. We have developed a mobile learning system,(More)
The detection and classification of white blood cells (WBCs, also known as Leukocytes) is a hot issue because of its important applications in disease diagnosis. Nowadays the morphological analysis of blood cells is operated manually by skilled operators, which results in some drawbacks such as slowness of the analysis, a non-standard accuracy, and the(More)
Segmentation of white blood cells (WBCs) image is meaningful but challenging due to the complex internal characteristics of the cells and external factors, such as illumination and different microscopic views. This paper addresses two problems of the segmentation: WBC location and sub-image segmentation. To locate WBCs, a method that uses multiple windows(More)
White blood cells (WBCs) segmentation is a challenging problem in the study of automated morphological systems, due to both the complex nature of the cells and the uncertainty that is present in video microscopy. This paper investigates how to boost the effects of region-based nucleus segmentation in WBCs by means of optimal thresholding and low-rank(More)
As we know, segmentation is an important countermeasure in the study of automated leukocyte image recognition. This paper proposes a novel method for leukocyte image segmentation, which is based on converting the segmentation to a classification issue. First, an effective classifier called feed forward neural network with random weights is employed to(More)
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