Jianjuan Liang

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High resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensor, which delivers images with metric or sub-metric resolution, makes it possible to extract detailed urban information. An effective method for extracting building unit number information from high resolution SAR images is proposed. In this method, a combination of intensity threshold and morphological(More)
Building detection is the key step in urban information analysis from high resolution SAR images. Exploring context information is very helpful for object extraction. A method for detecting building units from high resolution SAR images with context information priming is proposed. It tries to use scene category information to prime building detection.(More)
This paper proposes a method to classify urban scenes using high resolution synthetic aperture radar image based on local semantic representation. In this method, urban scenes are represented by a middle-level feature, called local semantic category histogram, which is used to overcome the semantic gap between low-level features and high-level user(More)
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