Jianjing Xue

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Mechanical activation of the mucosal lining of the colon by brush stroking elicits an intestinal neural reflex and an increase in short circuit current (Isc) indicative of electrogenic chloride ion(More)
BACKGROUND Alterations in 5-hydroxytryptamine (HT) signaling in inflamed gut may contribute to pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases. Adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) regulates(More)
Trichinella spiralis infection causes hyperexcitability in enteric after-hyperpolarising (AH) sensory neurons that is mimicked by neural, immune or inflammatory mediators known to stimulate adenylyl(More)
Pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell (PASMC) proliferation plays a fundamental role in the vascular remodeling seen in pulmonary hypertensive diseases associated with hypoxia. Arginase II, an enzyme(More)
MAPK phosphatases (MKPs) are critical modulators of the innate immune response, and yet the mechanisms regulating their accumulation remain poorly understood. In the present studies, we investigated(More)