Jianjie Wu

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As modeling and visualization applications proliferate, there arises a need to reduce three dimensional unorganized data points in reverse engineering. To meet the demand for both geometric and engineering fidelity of the reduction, a fuzzy-clustering-based reduction method is presented. As an effective extension to the existing pure geometric reduction(More)
Image-array-based automatic optical inspection system captures multiple images of the inspected printed circuit board through synchronous exposure. Therefore a correct mosaic of images is very import to subsequent solder paste inspection. However, Design error of the mechanism always leads to geometric errors in the image such as translation, rotation and(More)
Product design is a complicated and creative process. Even for the up-to-date commercial 3D CAD tools, it is very difficult to achieve automation of the entire design process. In the article, a semantic norm model (SNM) is presented to support the top-down process in conceptual design, which is an important phase in product design and has a decisive(More)
In conventional inspection algorithms, thresholds are usually decided by estimation during several experiments. The decision made by this labor intensive, and therefore costly, procedure often also involves subjective judgments. A thresholding algorithm based on mean-pseudo-trough is proposed taking full consideration of the characteristics of surface mount(More)
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