Jianjiang Lu

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A variety of fuzzy description logics are proposed to extend classical description logics with fuzzy capability. However, reasoning with general TBoxes is still an open problem in fuzzy description logics. In this paper, we present a novel discrete tableau algorithm for a given fuzzy description logic FSHI with general TBoxes, which tries to construct(More)
UML is a good tool to represent ontologies. When using UML for ontology development, one of the principal goals is to assure the quality of ontologies. UML class diagrams provide a static modeling capability that is well suited for representing ontologies, so the structural complexity of a UML class diagram is one of the most important measures to evaluate(More)
Coexistence of Wi-Fi and ZigBee in 2.4 GHz ISM band is a long standing and challenging problem. Previous solutions either require modifications of current ZigBee protocols or Wi-Fi re-configurations, which is not feasible in large-scale wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we present WizBee, a coexistence system using single-antenna sink without(More)
RDF ontology can represent semantic information in Semantic Web. Ontologies are often too large to be used in a single application. Extracting sub-ontology from large-scale ontology can solve this problem. RDF(S) ontologies are abstracted as graph models. According to the RDFS inference rules, the closure of RDFS ontology graph model can be constructed. To(More)