Jianjiang Li

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——We present a scalable spatial decomposition coloring approach to implement molecular dynamics simulations with embedded atom method (EAM) on multi-core architectures. It effectively solves parallelization of reduction operations on irregular arrays in molecular dynamics simulations. In OpenMP program model, our methodology avoids that the same memory(More)
Message-passing is a predominant programming paradigm for distributed memory systems. RDMA networks like infiniBand and Myrinet reduce communication overhead by overlapping communication with computation. For the overlap to be more effective, we propose a source-to-source transformation scheme by automatically restructuring message-passing codes. The(More)
Highly ordered Ni nanotube and nanowire arrays were fabricated via electrodeposition. The Ni microstructures and the process of the formation were investigated using conventional and high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Herein, we demonstrated the systematic fabrication of Ni nanotube and nanowire arrays and proposed an original growth(More)