Jianhui Zhao

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BACKGROUND Autologous fat transplantation has become a prevalent option for soft-tissue augmentation throughout the body. However, there is still much controversy over whether the fat grafts have survived or have been replaced in the recipient sites and over how the vessels grow. METHODS After C57BL/6-gfp mice and C57BL/6 mice were paired randomly, the(More)
A novel approach is proposed in this paper for automatic forest fire detection from video. Based on 3D point cloud of the collected sample fire pixels, Gaussian mixture model is built and helps segment some possible flame regions in single image. Then the new specific flame pattern is defined for forest, and three types of fire colors are labeled(More)
In the methods of video based fire detection, wavelet was usually used to test whether a pixel belongs to fire region, while fast Fourier transform was used to describe the contour of fire area. We try these two methods on images with forest flame, and develop one new approach combined both wavelet and FFT. In our method, contour of fire is found firstly,(More)
In this paper, we propose a real-time forest fire detection algorithm using artificial neural networks based on dynamic characteristics of fire regions segmented from video images. Fire region is obtained from image with the help of threshold values in HSV color space. Area, roundness and contour are computed for fire regions from each 5 continuous frames.(More)
The medical training systems based on virtual simulation are highly desired since minimally invasive surgical techniques have become popular to patients. The training system helps surgeon trainees to acquire, practice and evaluate their surgical skills, and the key component of such a system is to simulate the dynamic procedure such as 3D biological tissue(More)
There has been a growing trend among shoe manufacturers to introduce customized shoes to satisfy varying customer style, fit, and comfort needs, thus to increase the product's added value. This study presents a computer-aided design (CAD) system for designing a customized shoe last based on the chosen shoe style and customer's foot features. The CAD system(More)