Jianhui Xie

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Classical DEA models (such as CCR and BCC models) compute efficiencies of decision-making units (DMUs) based on a common efficient frontier but with no capability of differentiating efficient units. The super efficiency model was developed to rank efficient DMUs based a new efficient frontier comprised by all other DMUs. This may lead to a multi-platform(More)
This communication presents a novel technology to enhance the biocompatibility of bioinert Ti6Al4V alloy as implant materials for orthopaedic application. The surface of Ti6Al4V alloy was electrochemically activated in NaOH solution to create a porous structure with nanometer topographic features and an alkaline environment, thus promoting the formation of(More)
After the sale of goods, more and more manufacturers provide product-supplementary services. This paper analyzes the structure of the service industry under duopoly market. The two periods Bertrand Nash game is used to discuss the competition among two manufacturers and one service provider. The two manufacturers can provide similar products and the service(More)
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