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Changes in the spatiotemporal pattern of vegetation alter the structure and function of landscapes, consequently affecting biodiversity and ecological processes. Distinguishing human-induced vegetation changes from those driven by environmental variations is critically important for ecological understanding and management of landscapes. The main objectives(More)
Poplar plantation is the most dominant broadleaf forest type in northern China. Since the mid-1990s plantation was intensified to combat desertification along China's northwestern border, i.e., within Inner Mongolia (IM). This evoked much concern regarding the ecological and environmental effects on areas that naturally grow grass or shrub vegetation. To(More)
Acknowledgment: The development of BSIM3v3.2 benefited from the input of many BSIM3 users, especially the Compact Model Council (CMC) member companies. TSMC for their valuable assistance in identifying the desirable modifications and testing of the new model. their guidance and support.
Multiple co-occurring environmental changes are affecting soil nitrogen cycling processes, which are mainly mediated by microbes. While it is likely that various nitrogen-cycling functional groups will respond differently to such environmental changes, very little is known about their relative responsiveness. Here we conducted four long-term experiments in(More)
The relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) is a central topic in ecology on local, regional, and global scales. A powerful approach to BEF studies is large-scale field manipulative experimentation. The Inner Mongolian Grassland Removal Experiment (IMGRE) was designed to examine the mechanisms of the BEF relationship in the world’s(More)
Mixing effects during litter decomposition could occur between two or more different litter species because of the potential nutrient transfer. However, evidence of mixing effects is variable and the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Using a three-year decomposition experiment, we aim to examine for the effects of litter mixing and position on(More)
This paper describes a packet scheduling algorithm for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that meets the proportional fairness principle. Based on the weighted round-robin strategy, the proposed scheduling algorithm allocates a different service quota to different traffic according to the average packet arrival rate. This guarantees proportional fairness in(More)
Given that plant growth is often water limited in drylands, it has been proposed that water seems to influence productivity by altering physiological/metabolic responses and nutrient availability in short term. It is unclear, however, whether water mediates a positive plant-soil feedback and whether the feedback drives variations in plant productivity. A(More)
  • R Shang, J Huang, Y Yang, Robert John Kauffman, Citation Shang, R Huang +7 others
  • 2014
This research offers a theoretical model of brokered services and provides an analysis of their impact on the cloud computing market with risk preference-based stratification of client segments. The model structures the decision problem that clients face when they choose among spot, reserved and brokered services. Although all the three types of services do(More)