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Peptide-major histocompatibility complex protein complexes (pMHCs) on antigen-presenting cells (APCs) are central to T cell activation. Within minutes of peptide-specific T cells interacting with APCs, pMHCs on APCs formed clusters at the site of T cell contact. Thereafter, these clusters were acquired by T cells and internalized through T cell(More)
This paper studies the partial information control problems of backward stochastic systems. There are three major contributions made in this paper: (i) First, we obtain a new stochas-tic maximum principle for partial information control problems. Our method relies on a direct calculation of the derivative of the cost functional. (ii) Second, we introduce(More)
This research offers a theoretical model of brokered services and provides an analysis of their impact on the cloud computing market with risk preference-based stratification of client segments. The model structures the decision problem that clients face when they choose among spot, reserved and brokered services. Although all the three types of services do(More)
How effective is a hybrid pricing strategy for a cloud computing services vendor that mixes fixed-price reserved services with spot-price on-demand services? This research offers a decision support model to create the appropriate strategy for IT services based on prior research on information goods, electricity pricing, product versioning, and revenue yield(More)