Jianhui Hong

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In Amaranthus tricolor the leaf structure included three layers of chlorenchyma on the vascular bundle periphery, namely, mesophyll cells (MSCs) with few chloroplasts, outer larger round bundle sheath cells (BSCs) with many chloroplasts in a centripetal position, and inner smaller BSCs with few chloroplasts around the vascular bundle cells. The ultra-thin(More)
The promotion effect of titania nanoparticles (nano-TiO(2)) on the direct electron transfer between lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and the silica sol-gel modified gold electrode was investigated by adding nano-TiO(2) (50 nm) in the modification process. This nano-TiO(2)-LDH electrode showed a pair of quasi-reversible cyclic voltammetry peaks with the formal(More)
The effectiveness factor is widely used to account for the interaction between pore diffusion and reactions on pore walls in porous catalytic pellets and solid fuel particles. The effectiveness factor is defined as the ratio of the reaction rate actually observed to the reaction rate calculated if the surface reactant concentration persisted throughout the(More)
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