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Mouse erythrocyte guanine deaminase has been purified to homogeneity. The native enzyme was dimeric, being comprised of two identical subunits of approximately 50,000 Da. The protein sequence was obtained from five cyanogen bromide cleavage products giving sequences ranging from 12 to 25 amino acids in length and corresponding to 99 residues. Basic Local(More)
e17515 Background: Previous research has shown that results from single-arm phase 2 studies are poor predictors of results from subsequent RCTs. It has been suggested that RP2s are more efficient in predicting outcomes of RCTs, and RP2s have increasingly been used in evaluating novel agents or therapeutic strategies. We attempted to determine if results(More)
We report on a target system supporting automated positioning of nano-targets with a precision resolution of 4 μm in three dimensions. It relies on a confocal distance sensor and a microscope. The system has been commissioned to position nanometer targets with 1 Hz repetition rate. Integrating our prototype into the table-top ATLAS 300 TW-laser system at(More)
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