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The Role of Obesity‐associated Loci Identified in Genome‐wide Association Studies in the Determination of Pediatric BMI
The prevalence of obesity in children and adults in the United States has increased dramatically over the past decade. Besides environmental factors, genetic factors are known to play an importantExpand
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Real-time Raman spectroscopy for in vivo skin cancer diagnosis.
Raman spectroscopy is a noninvasive optical technique capable of measuring vibrational modes of biomolecules within viable tissues. In this study, we evaluated the application of an integratedExpand
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Automated Autofluorescence Background Subtraction Algorithm for Biomedical Raman Spectroscopy
A significant advantage of Raman spectroscopy as a noninvasive optical technique is its ability to detect subtle molecular or biochemical signatures within tissue. One of the major challenges forExpand
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A genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies new childhood obesity loci
Multiple genetic variants have been associated with adult obesity and a few with severe obesity in childhood; however, less progress has been made in establishing genetic influences on commonExpand
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Variants in ADCY5 and near CCNL1 are associated with fetal growth and birth weight
To identify genetic variants associated with birth weight, we meta-analyzed six genome-wide association (GWA) studies (n = 10,623 Europeans from pregnancy/birth cohorts) and followed up two leadExpand
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Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase hog1 in the Entomopathogenic Fungus Beauveria bassiana Regulates Environmental Stress Responses and Virulence to Insects
ABSTRACT Beauveria bassiana is an economically important insect-pathogenic fungus which is widely used as a biocontrol agent to control a variety of insect pests. However, its insecticide efficacy inExpand
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Thermal-Aware Task Scheduling for 3D Multicore Processors
A rising horizon in chip fabrication is the 3D integration technology. Expand
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Bilinear Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
We propose a novel probabilistic model on 2-D data called bilinear PPCA (BPPCA). Expand
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New loci associated with birth weight identify genetic links between intrauterine growth and adult height and metabolism
Birth weight within the normal range is associated with a variety of adult-onset diseases, but the mechanisms behind these associations are poorly understood. Previous genome-wide association studiesExpand
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Functional constituents and antioxidant activities of eight Chinese native goji genotypes.
We quantified the levels of polyphenols, carotenoids and polysaccharides in fruits of the eight Chinese native goji genotypes, antioxidant activities of these fruit extracts were also evaluated byExpand
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