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Using surface splats as a rendering primitive has gained increasing attention recently due to its potential for high-performance and high-quality rendering of complex geometric models. However, as with any other rendering primitive, the processing costs are still proportional to the number of primitives that we use to represent a given object. This is why(More)
This paper proposes a novel global harmony search algorithm (NGHS) to solve 0–1 knapsack problems. Theproposed algorithm includes two important operations: positionupdating andgeneticmutationwith a small probability. The former enables the worst harmony of harmony memory to move to the global best harmony rapidly in each iteration, and the latter can(More)
We present a new mesh decimation framework which is based on the probabilistic optimization technique of Multiple-Choice algorithms. While producing the same expected quality of the output meshes, the Multiple-Choice approach leads to a significant speed-up compared to the wellestablished standard framework for mesh decimation as a greedy optimization(More)
We present an out-of-core mesh decimation algorithm that is able to handle input and output meshes of arbitrary size. The algorithm reads the input from a data stream in a single pass and writes the output to another stream while using only a fixed-sized in-core buffer. By applying randomized multiple choice optimization, we are able to use incremental mesh(More)
Oscillatory activity plays a critical role in regulating biological processes at levels ranging from subcellular, cellular, and network to the whole organism, and often involves a large number of interacting elements. We shed light on this issue by introducing a novel approach called partial Granger causality to reliably reveal interaction patterns in(More)
The uncontrolled manifold (UCM) approach allows us to address issues concerning the nature of variability. In this study we applied the UCM analysis to gait and to a population known for exhibiting high levels of performance variability, Down syndrome (DS). We wanted to determine if preadolescents (ages between 8 and 10) with DS partition goal-equivalent(More)
Aiming at robust surface structure recovery, we extend the powerful optimization technique of variational shape approximation by allowing for several different primitives to represent the geometric proxy of a surface region. While the original paper only considered planes, we also include spheres, cylinders, and more complex rollingball blend patches. The(More)
Allowing for copyright protection and ownership assertion, digital watermarking techniques, which have been successfully applied to classical media types like audio, images, and video, have recently been adapted for the newly emerged multimedia data type of 3D geometry models. In particular, the widely used spread-spectrum methods can be generalized for 3D(More)