Jianhua Mao

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This paper presents a method for simple regular building reconstruction from LIDAR point cloud. At First, TIN model of the extracted building point from discrete LIDAR point cloud is built. Those points in triangle facet which having the similar normal vector value are clustered into the same plane point set. Then, every plane point set is fitted into plane(More)
The stole of the ntmorpheric envirotinicnt i s reluted to the viilues of iitmospheric path lailiation i n remote sewing datu. As an impwiant infortiintion resource, tin ntnioupheric puth rridiatioo iinage derived from remotely sensed dntn can be used in inany reswrh ficlds. The% include the research in the transniirsion propertics of tlie ntmosphere. the(More)
An efficient processing of k nearest neighbors queries is of critical importance to location based server with the ever-increasing deployment and use of mobile technologies. Voronoi diagram is applied broadly to query neighbors in geospatial context with which the definition of validity region and influence sets of a query q can be described. However, the(More)
Spatial analysis is a spatial data analysis technique based on the location and the shape of the geographical object. In this paper, we introduce two spatial data types provided by SQL Server 2008 which refers to Geometry and Geography. As with Shapefile data structure supported by ESRI, Geometry and Geography are object oriented data structures which make(More)
Sensor modeling and registration is the basis of sensor centralized management and sensor information sharing in Sensor Web. According to the SensorML standard developed by OGC, this paper proposes a user-oriented fast sensor process modeling and sensor registration method based on the in-depth analysis of the SensorML conceptual model of sensor(More)
ArcGIS Geoprocessing is an important part of ArcGIS, which is a large-scale geographic information system software launched by ESRI corporation. The ArcGIS Geoprocessing provides an application-oriented and Process-oriented spatial analysis modeling method, so it's a very useful assistant decision-making and programming tools. Project Site location is a(More)
Thirdhand smoke (THS) is defined as residual tobacco components that remain on indoor surfaces after tobacco has been smoked, such as walls furniture, and dust particles, which are re-emitted into the air. THS also includes secondary pollutants generated from the reaction of surface residual smoke compounds with reactive indoor air pollutants. THS is a new(More)
Spatial information processing is one of the important research contents in information technology. It is the major direction to combine geo-information technique and mobile communication technique in the spatial information processing. In this paper, we have thoroughly analyzed supporting techniques of mobile smart terminal spatial information processing(More)
In this paper, the mixed modeling method combining surface modeling and volume modeling is used to construct urban subsurface geological structure firstly using existing technique of 3D modeling and visualization for reference, which considers effectively the layer and block structure characteristic inside urban subsurface geological body. Then, volume(More)