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lightweight graph-based pattern recognition scheme in mobile ad hoc networks, in An online scheme for threat detection within mobile ad hoc networks, in Mobile Intelligence, eds Laurence A novel associative model of data: Toward a distributed large-scale data processing scheme for future computer clouds,
The rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things accelerates the emergence of the hyper world. It has become a pressing research issue to realize the organic amalgamation and harmonious symbiosis among humans, computers, and things in the hyper world, which consists of the social world, the physical world, and the information world (cyber(More)
We focus on design and implementation of a synchronous P2P (peer-to-peer) collaboration platform called TOMSCOP (Technology Of Multiuser Synchronous Collaboration Platform). Based on the elementary peer group services offered by the JXTA general framework, TOMSCOP provides the extra four types of services: synchronous message transportation, peer room(More)
This system focuses on a location-aware computing application and environment which provide preemptive information on dangerous locations in the kid's surroundings; i.e., the system alerts a kid on the move of the possible dangers whenever he/she is near accident prone areas. Using satellite-based GPS position sensing, this system can gradually learn and(More)
—Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has evolved into a highly parallel, multithreaded, many-core processor with tremendous computational capability. The introduction of Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) simplifies the software development on GPU and allows direct access to GPU resources. It's an effective way to improve the hashing performance in(More)
The purpose of our study was to investigate whether the whole-brain functional connectivity pattern exhibits disease severity-related alterations in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging data were acquired in 27 MCI subjects, 35 AD patients, and 27 age- and(More)
For industrial applications, real-time performance is a critical issue of wireless sensor network. IEEE802.15.4 protocol has greater potential compared with other protocols. However, it can¿t meet the strict requirements of real-time performance in industrial environment. After analyzing the demands of versatile applications in industrial environment and(More)
— A cyber world (CW) is a digitized world created on cyberspaces inside computers interconnected by networks including the Internet. a smart world (SW) created on both cyberspaces and real spaces. It is mainly characterized by ubiquitous intelligence or computational intelligence pervasion in the physical world filled with smart things. In recent years,(More)
In Mobile Social Networks (MSN) individuals with similar interests or commonalities connect to each other using the mobile phones. MSN are special kind of Ad-hoc Networks in which wireless connectivity (i.e. encounters and re-encounters) with social peers is predictable. Most of the recent research proposes routing framework to exploit these predictable(More)