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BACKGROUND On March 30, a novel influenza A subtype H7N9 virus (A/H7N9) was detected in patients with severe respiratory disease in eastern China. Virological factors associated with a poor clinical outcome for this virus remain unclear. We quantified the viral load and analysed antiviral resistance mutations in specimens from patients with A/H7N9. (More)
Knowing the polarity of clinical outcomes is important in answering questions posed by clinicians in patient treatment. We treat analysis of this information as a classification problem. Natural language processing and machine learning techniques are applied to detect four possibilities in medical text: no outcome, positive outcome, negative outcome, and(More)
We propose an integrated approach to interactive word-completion for users with linguistic disabilities in which semantic knowledge combines with $n$-gram probabilities to predict semantically more-appropriate words than $n$-gram methods alone. First, semantic relatives are found for English words, specifically for nouns, and they form the semantic(More)
This paper targets task allocation problem on hybrid main memory composed of non-volatile memory (NVM) and DRAM. Compared to the conventional memory technology DRAM, the emerging NVM has excellent energy performance due to the ultra low leakage power. However, most types of NVMs come with the disadvantages of much shorter write endurance and longer write(More)
P2P is a promising technology to construct the underlying supporting layer of a Grid. It is known that contribution from all the peers is vital for the sustainability of a P2P community, but peers are often selfish and unwilling to contribute. In this paper we describe how to construct a fair file-exchanging P2P community. We name this community a P2P file(More)