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A multiple-perspective cocitation analysis method is introduced for characterizing and interpreting the structure and dynamics of cocitation clusters. The method facilitates analytic and sense making tasks by integrating network visualization, spectral clustering, automatic cluster labeling, and text summarization. Cocitation networks are decomposed into(More)
INTRODUCTION Our objectives were to determine the effects of simvastatin on relapse and periodontal tissue remodeling after experimental tooth movement in rats and to explore the molecule mechanism. METHODS Thirty-two adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 2 groups. Bilateral mandibular first molars were moved mesially with nickel-titanium(More)
3D reconstruction from medical images is widely used in diagnose, radiotherapy surgery programming and medical research. This paper deals with the framework and key techniques of 3D reconstruction system of medical images. Methods of automatic and manual segmentation of medical images are designed. Data structure of the system is proposed. The system data(More)
—This paper presents a numerical method for solving the Volterra integral equation with a convolution kernel. The integral equation was first converted to an algebraic equation using the Laplace transform, after which its numerical inversion was determined by power series. The Padé approximants were effectively used to improve the convergence rate and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the involvement of ephrinB2 in periodontal tissue remodeling in compression areas during orthodontic tooth movement and the effects of compressive force on EphB4 and ephrinB2 expression in osteoblasts and osteoclasts. METHODS A rat model of experimental tooth movement was established to examine the histological changes and the(More)
Aiming to the issue of face recognition with partial contiguous occlusion, a new face recognition method was proposed by removing the outlier area in this paper. A mean face image is firstly obtained from train images, which is subtracted by the test face to form an error face image. Then the error face image is used to obtain the occlusion area of the test(More)
We present an online learned framework for multiple target tracking in a crowded scene. The tracking problem is formulated as a detection-based progressive association task. Firstly, reliable tracklets are generated by low level constraints among detection responses. Then longer tracklets associations are generated based on online learned Hough forest(More)
UNLABELLED As mnemonic utilization deficit in older adults associates with age-related decline in executive function, we hypothesized that memory strategy training combined with executive function training might induce larger training effect in memory and broader training effects in non-memory outcomes than pure memory training. The present study compared(More)