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Uncertainty measures can supply new viewpoints for analyzing data. They can help us in disclosing the substantive characteristics of data. The uncertainty measurement issue is also a key topic in the rough-set theory. Although there are some measures to evaluate the uncertainty for complete decision systems (also called decision tables), they cannot be(More)
Algebraic structures and lattice structures of rough sets are basic and important topics in rough sets theory. In this paper we pointed out that a basic problem had been overlooked, that is the closeness of union and intersection operations of rough approximation pairs, i.e. (lower approximation, upper approximation). We present that the union and(More)
Tumor classification based on gene expression levels is important for tumor diagnosis. Since tumor data in gene expression contain thousands of attributes, attribute selection for tumor data in gene expression becomes a key point for tumor classification. Inspired by the concept of gain ratio in decision tree theory, an attribute selection method based on(More)