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Data capacity is rapidly reaching its limit in modern optical communications. Optical vortex has been explored to enhance the data capacity for its extra degree of freedom of angular momentum. In traditional means, optical vortices are generated using space light modulators or spiral phase plates, which would sharply decrease the integration of optical(More)
The absorptive and radiative losses are two fundamental aspects of the electromagnetic responses, which are widely occurring in many different systems such as waveguides, solar cells, and antennas. Here we proposed a metasurface to realize the control of the absorptive and radiative loss and to reduce the radar cross section (RCS) in multi-frequency bands.(More)
Polarization control of electromagnetic wave is very important in many fields. Here, we propose an active meta-mirror to dynamically manipulate electromagnetic polarization state at a broad band. This meta-mirror is composed of a double-layered metallic pattern backed by a metallic flat plate, and the active elements of PIN diodes are integrated into the(More)
Hypobaric hypoxia is the primary cause of high altitude polycythemia (HAPC). Mitochondria are critical organelles that consume high levels of oxygen and generate ATP. We hypothesize that the mitochondrion may be at the center of HAPC, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) SNPs may be involved in its development. First, we conducted a case-control study to(More)
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