Jianhong Wang

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Early brain development is a complex and rapid process, the disturbance of which may cause the onset of brain disorders. Based on longitudinal imaging data acquired from 6 to 16 months postnatal, we describe a systematic trajectory of monkey brain development during late infancy, and demonstrate the influence of phencyclidine (PCP) on this trajectory.(More)
An immune optimization algorithm, based on the model of biological immune system, is proposed to solve multiobjective optimization problems with multimodal nonlinear constraints. First, the initial population is divided into feasible nondominated population and infeasible/dominated population. The feasible nondominated individuals focus on exploring the(More)
This paper presents a novel mid-level representation for action recognition, named spatio-temporal aware non-negative component representation (STANNCR). The proposed STANNCR is based on action component and incorporates the spatial-temporal information. We first introduce a spatial-temporal distribution vector (STDV) to model the distributions of local(More)