Jianhong Liu

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Histone acetylation is important for regulating chromatin structure and gene expression. Three classes of mammalian histone deacetylases have been identified. Among class II, there are five known members, namely HDAC4, HDAC5, HDAC6, HDAC7 and HDAC9. Here we describe the identification and characterization of a novel class II member termed HDAC10. It is a(More)
Proneural genes control the generation of neuroblasts from the neuroepithelium, but their functions in neuroblast asymmetric division and migration remain elusive. Here, we identified Caenorhabditiselegans mutants of a proneural transcription factor (TF) lin-32, in which Q neuroblasts are produced. We showed that LIN-32 functions in parallel with a(More)
Carbon Flux Phenology (CFP) can affect the interannual variation in Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) of carbon between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. In this study, we proposed a methodology to estimate CFP metrics with satellite-derived Land Surface Phenology (LSP) metrics and climate drivers for 4 biomes (i.e., deciduous broadleaf forest,(More)
Previous research in the West has established major socio-demographic correlates of fear of crime. The interpretation of these correlates is typically based on the concept of physical or social vulnerability of individuals. These correlates are implicitly regarded as invariant to social or community contexts, reflecting universal human behavioral patterns.(More)
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