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The traditional scheduling theory can only get the approximate optimal solution of the problem, and most is to consider algorithms on a single task or independent multitask scheduling. It presents a particle swarm algorithm to solve the task scheduling problem of computational grid. It builds a task scheduling model of computational grid, changes the(More)
Previous research in the West has established major socio-demographic correlates of fear of crime. The interpretation of these correlates is typically based on the concept of physical or social vulnerability of individuals. These correlates are implicitly regarded as invariant to social or community contexts, reflecting universal human behavioral patterns.(More)
An epoxy resin with liquid crystal aromatic esters of epoxy resin (TPBDER) used as modifier of epoxy resin was synthesized form 4-Hydroxy benzoic acid, 4,4'-Dihydroxydiphenyl, epichlorohydrin(ECH). Epoxy resin (ER) was modified by TPBDER for improving both thermal and mechanical properties of electronic packaging materials. The TPBDER modified epoxy was(More)
Carbon Flux Phenology (CFP) can affect the interannual variation in Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) of carbon between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. In this study, we proposed a methodology to estimate CFP metrics with satellite-derived Land Surface Phenology (LSP) metrics and climate drivers for 4 biomes (i.e., deciduous broadleaf forest,(More)
Graphene oxide was synthesized by an improved method, and then MnO<inf>2</inf>/graphene oxide composite was obtained using chemical precipitation. The MnO<inf>2</inf>/graphene nanocomposite was obtained via hydrazine reduction of the MnO<inf>2</inf>/graphene oxide composite. The morphology and surface chemical composition of the composites have been(More)
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