Jianhai Han

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An Unmanned bicycle stability adjusting mode by use of parallel mechanism is presented, and dynamics model of the unmanned bicycle with parallel mechanism adjusting stability is upbuilt in this paper. In order to increase stability and mobility, and carrying capability, the unmanned bicycle is controlled by a pedalling torque, a directional torque that(More)
Robotpsilas soft grasping function relies on the fine-performance force sensor, position sensor and slip sensor. The micro-vibration measurement based slip sensor employs the elastomer and the photoelectric apparatus installed in the manipulator to transform the objectpsilas slide against the manipulator into an electronic signal to detect the slide at the(More)
A direct adaptive Fuzzy sliding mode control strategy for a 3-RRRT parallel manipulator is presented and actualized. According to its system dynamics character, and on the base of Lyapunov's stability theory, using fuzzy logic system with adaptive technology, a direct adaptive Fuzzy sliding mode control strategy is put forward and actualized, and then(More)
Considering the goal of bilingual teaching of professional courses, how to carry out bilingual classroom instruction of professional courses was investigated in detail. The bilingual teaching of professional courses is different from the ordinary teaching of professional courses and the teaching of foreign language. Based on the bilingual teaching practice(More)
Posture balance and path tracking control of disk rolling without slipping on the horizontal plane was researched. Non-holonomic restriction model of disk rolling without slipping was built, considering most easiness of disk posture control, a posture balance condition was put forward, and based on the posture balance condition, using Lyapunov's stability(More)
A measurement and control system is designed according to the requirement of digital transformation to the WJ-10 universal tension and compression testing machine. This system is made up of two parts :The data acquisition system based on C8051F020 and the monitoring system based on the virtual instrument LABVIEW The physical quantities (such as tension,(More)
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