Jiangyuan Zeng

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The spatiotemporal distribution of soil moisture over the Tibetan Plateau is important for understanding the regional water cycle and climate change. In this paper, the surface soil moisture in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau is estimated from time-series VV-polarized Sentinel-1A observations by coupling the water cloud model (WCM) and the advanced(More)
In this paper, a physically based numerical electromagnetic approach, by solving Maxwell’s equations, is developed to investigate the scattering and the emission from double-layered media, where both the top and bottom interfaces are random sastrugi surfaces with a random horizontal shift between the two corresponding negative-slope facets of both(More)
Reed marshes, the world’s most widespread type of wetland vegetation, are undergoing major changes as a result of climate changes and human activities. The presence or absence of water in reed marshes has a significant impact on the whole ecosystem and remains a key indicator to identify the effective area of a wetland and help estimate the degree of(More)