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Bayes nets appear in many Artificial Intelligence applications that model stochas-tic processes. Efficiently building Bayes nets is crucial to the applications. In this paper we describe our approach to building, updating and maintaining large Bayes net models. This approach is based on our implementation of the Semistructured Proba-bilistic Database(More)
To identify major active constituents and measure their levels in a typical medicinal herb-Rhizoma coptidis, we applied the concept of removing and adding, taking inspiration from functional genetic methods. As this herb has bacteriostatic properties and is used to treat bacterial diarrhea, we examined the effects of individual constituents (berberine,(More)
To examine the bacterial community structure in the Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica, we examined the bacterial diversity and community composition of samples collected from lacustrine sediment, marine sediment, penguin ornithogenic sediments, and soils using culture-dependent and culture-independent methods. The 70 strains fell into five(More)
Voltage-gated Na and Ca(2+) channels represent two major ion channel families that enable myriad biological functions including the generation of action potentials and the coupling of electrical and chemical signaling in cells. Calmodulin regulation (calmodulation) of these ion channels comprises a vital feedback mechanism with distinct physiological(More)
The article made study on effect of different media representation pattern of the hierarchy in shopping-on-line system. The result shows that the effect of virtual reality representation pattern is better than that of Text in higher levels of the hierarchy, but more levels in virtual reality pattern increases the errors of user's activity. It also shows(More)
With the rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technology, biomedical research has entered into the era of big data. It causes problems about storage and analysis of massive biological data which need to be solved by high-performance computing. Therefore, we build the localized high-performance one-stop data analysis platform to provide convenient(More)
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