Jiangyin Bao

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RATIONALE Oxidized fatty acids, and particularly cyclopentenone oxylipins, are electrophilic metabolites that play diverse physiological roles. Current understanding is limited regarding how ion fragmentation provides essential information about oxylipin structures. In this work, unusual products of the collisional activation of deprotonated cyclopentenone(More)
Peptides were phosphonylated at their N-termini by reacting with ethoxyphenylphosphinate in the presence of triethylamine and tetrachloromethane under mild conditions. The phosphonylated peptides were analyzed by tandem electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. N-Terminal phosphonylation selectively increased the intensities of b(n)-type ions relative to(More)
Dietary nutrients interact with gene networks to orchestrate adaptive responses during metabolic stress. Here, we identify Baf60a as a diet-sensitive subunit of the SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complexes in the mouse liver that links the consumption of fat- and cholesterol-rich diet to elevated plasma cholesterol levels. Baf60a expression was elevated in(More)
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